Magic League: Ravnica Allegiance

by Myrtle Beach Games & Comics

Remember, you have two options for league, Standard and/or Draft. Both formats will be offered twice a week and you only need to participate in one event per week per format.

Initial Registration: $20
Formats: Standard or Ravnica Allegiance Draft

League runs for 6 weeks, in which you can choose either Wednesday or Friday (for Standard) and Friday or Saturday (for Draft) to count towards your league points. You can miss ONE week & make up the missed day before the league ends.

At the league conclusion, the prize pool made up of the initial registration fees will be paid out via store credit to the Standard & Draft Leagues separately.

Standard League Runs: February 6th through March 15th
Draft League Runs: February 8th through March 16th

Both formats will be offered during the Weekly Friday Night Magic. In addition, Standard will be offered during Standard Showdown & Draft will be offered during Saturday Draft Night.

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